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Wicked lasers inferno

Sep 5, 2013
In my opinion, it wouldn't be something I purchase. And here are my reasons why:

-I like my lasers to be of high quality. Don't get me wrong WL is ok when it comes to this sort of thing, but it dosen't compare to JetLasers, CNI or LaserGlow. That being said, a quality laser also comes with a high price. So there is a catch :)

-WL is known for their extremely slow shipping, and I personally myself couldn't handle waiting 3 weeks+ for a laser I can buy from a member for much cheaper, and of higher quality which would get to me quicker.

-Price. Most of WL's lasers are priced above what they should be, which as mentioned below would make me turn to fellow LPF members who can produce an even better laser. Not only that, but I would be supporting the people of LPF :p

-Customs. If you live in the USA, NZ and a few other countries I forget which ones, you can forget about getting that laser to your house since they are no longer shipping them. ^read above buy from member



Jan 20, 2015
The WL Inferno has been out of stock for a few weeks now so you'll only likely acquire one on the second hand market. The S3 is a very nice host (I have an Arctic) and the smartswitch technology and various operating modes are a useful addition. I am sure there are people on here who own one that can comment further on beam specs but at least you won't have to enter the shipping lottery ;)
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