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Wicked Lasers - 5mW Core


Oct 20, 2010
I used to owned a Wicked Core and it works great! Then I gave mine away as a gift to a friend. But that was in 2009, hopefully their quality is still there.

The last time I own it, as for build quality, it is excellent and the beam is straight and the dot is just nice, not too diverge nor too tight, just nice for presentations.

As for durability, I dropped mine onto the floor from 2m height, not directly onto the floor, but I was climbing down from a vehicle after inspecting, it slipped through the opening of my velcro'ed pocket on my coverall, it bumped onto the Rotating Stage, the handle bars, and finally onto the cold hard ground of the workshop.

The Laser still works fine, except the beam is no longer perfectly straight, nonetheless still useable for presentations.

When I sweat through my coverall, the core remains workable after taking it out of my shirt pocket, this is one good point. The Green Laser I got from Z-bolt which cost three times more than the Core, got damage after sweating.

For the Price, I think it is a good buy. I owned two DIY LPM (nospin and Kenometer Pro), and the core performs for more than 5mW over 30 seconds of continuous running! This is very good quality. The more expensive laser I got from Z-bolt underperforms, and now is no longer functions due to heavy sweating of my job nature.

I have no problems with their customer service. I received my Spyder III Arctic within a month of ordering. Check out my sig for reviews.

I don't really like Dragon lasers anymore. Though they have good customer service, they don't accept paypal, and also refuse to sell any lasers to my country as they experience custom problems. Wickedlasers never complain about that to me.

I never owned a laser from Laserglow so I can't comment, but it does comes with a pocket clip.

The only cons I can think of the Core is that, it does not have a pocket clip, so it tends to slipped through the opening of my coverall, other than that, is fine. Check out my sig.
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