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Who here has made a spirograph? Let's see em!!

Apr 23, 2011
Ahem, RedCowboy, I've seen you post in a few older spirograph threads hinting at you've made one or more but I couldn't find any threads of yours backing this up.

Anyone still frquenting the site, post up a pic of your spirograph or link to a thread if there's one!

I just recently came across this spirograph phenomena in an older mega-link thread here, quite fascinating.
Searching here didn't turn up a great deal of hits so hoping to maybe get a spirograph repository going.

Plus, I'm getting ideas for making one myself. I'm surprised I never came across these when I first joined, I'd love to see more fun DIY projects like this easily found in these forums!

Jul 10, 2015
Electric motors with mirrors attached at a shallow angle, a speed controller, align the mirrors in a Z arrangement and enjoy........I don't have a laser spiro in a finished box, but I can throw one together any time I want......Too many projects and nowhere to save them all, besides an x-y galvo laser show can do all this and much more.


I like to use 4 motors with mirrors, each mirror will need to be bigger to catch the image if your angle is too steep or distance between too far, so keep your mirror angle shallow and place them as close together as possible, the pics above are mine but here's a video someone else made, you can see what you get as you switch on each motor and adjust it's speed
The 4th motor/mirror makes the crazy stuff.

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