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Whats up with O-like???

Lethere Belight

New member
May 20, 2012
Been trying to place orders. I can not log in and order on their web site. I registered with 3 different email address on 2 different computers at 2 locations so it is not my problem. (over several days)
I have been emailing back and forth but can't figure out whats wrong.
I finally placed an order by email. Listed everything, address, all info, etc.
They did email back and wanted my Pay Pal info to bill. I sent it.
Hadn't heard anything for a few days and sent another email to see if they received it.
Just heard back and they say they are having Pay pal "issues" and want me to pay with Western Union.
I hear good things about them here but no way I am doing this. Pay Pal is the "control" to keep things right on both sides.
You send money western union and it is GONE.
Any one else had issues recently with their web site or ordering?