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Whats a good camera for lasers?

blue lasers

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Jul 1, 2009
I recently got this camera:
Digital Camcorder | Full HD Camera | VPC-CG20 Specs | Xacti SANYO

I bought it because I mostly use camera for filming. But it is also ok for pictures. It was less than $200 and I'm happy with it. It was a few similar cameras in the store but I picked this one because it sees 445nm as blue instead of purple like the others did.

Here are two samples I did in 1080p HD:
Coin in macro mode:
YouTube - HD Camera Test - Coin Macro

Laser smoke:
YouTube - HD Camera Test - Laser Smoke


Please excuse the quality of these last pictures, I took them very hasty, it is just to show how it shows the colors of 445nm vs. 405nm:

One big flaw is that it didn't come with an editing software for the MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 (.MP4) format, and I can find one for the life of me that doesn't degrade the quality.
Sony vegas pro 9 is great for that format, i use it for long time and didn't have any problems! try it