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warning lucklaser.


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Dec 25, 2013
This site has some good lasers and some Shit lasers but they delivery fast and reliably. I used to like them you just have to know what your buying first half their lasers are Underspec and over priced but they do have a few good deals.however my Google account is now being hacked from China and that site is the only site outside the US and actually only site I've given my full pur basing info.. I can o ly assume they sold my info to advertising or hackers thus beware ...

There is no other way chinese location could hAve my email as it just started recent after making a purchase

Any other website besides lpf itself has had info for years and its just now becoming an issue. I blame lucklaser. Just wanna warn folks of a further risk involved with an already low level site most know to keep away from. They DO have some quality products if you know whT ur lookin at..
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Jul 4, 2008
Why would you bother with these clowns when
there are members here that sell home builds that are
Superior in every way?
Many of these Chinese companies are re-selling cheaply made lasers made from
Scrap parts.

Also China has been implicated in account theft here in
Republic of Korea. Nearly 9.5 million bank and cell info was
Stolen. Didn't help that cos here sold the data to third party firms!
China = worlds largest it security threat.
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