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Video Projector Zoom/Focus Assembly as Beam Expander


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Jun 20, 2015
Both of you are correct, it is never a good idea to do anything that could give cause for concern to anyone involved in the process of taking an airplane from one place and sticking it somewhere else.. and it's also correct that despite living under the approach line for the Renton "let's put it next to this football field, two and a half miles away from another airport and 4 miles away from yet another airport" Airport, I can certainly still use a laser in a horizontal fashion with something or other that will eventually absorb or decoherantize (or incoherantization?) all that sweet, hot steamy $exy sticky photon action before ever leaving my yard without problem...

When giving advise about something that can land a person in prison it's best not to assume.

He said he lives near an airport.

Here are his exact words : I live near an airport so next time I remember when I'm heading out somewhere more accommodating I'll bring it along.

Just admit you gave bad advise and learn something, you can blame the Russians when you're alone, but don't give someone bad advise that could cause them serious trouble on an unfounded assumption.

There are municipal and private airports.
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Sep 20, 2013
Aaron, so you are in Renton. I didn't know that. I guess most people who live in the towns along I5 on the way to Seattle just call it Seattle. Unlike the south, the land around here is very mountainous and very hilly. Along the horizontal axis there may be many obstacles between yourself and an airport. It is usually not line of sight unless you live right next to the airport. If it were SeaTac that would be a terrible place to live as it is a busy airport and you'd never get any sleep. :D
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Jul 9, 2009
Oops, king of necroposting. Lol!
Im experimenting with the same thing here. Same lens, but a nub03 with gball intact. Finding that without decanning I need another lens such as a g2 to first expand before entering the projector assembly. Lots of glass to pass through but initial bench tests seem promising. Trick will be to find a method of adapting to existing host(early rick trent 9mm diode design with a direct diode fit, no axises 20mm thread adapter. I have several ideas and a retired machinist friend willing to help.

Photo is with a num44 but same setup