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Unofficial Private Investigation

laser marshal

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Aug 31, 2019
Wandering around the Web, I was able and able to see better and, above all, better understand how the websites that carry out mail order sales (ie online) of their articles are made, in our case the Laser Pointers (which start at 5mw and also reach 20W or more).

On the Italian Ebay & Amazon platforms, there is something ... much more on Ebay.it, but I think
that it is all stuff of Chinese origin ... therefore dangerous and having effective powers absolutely below what stated in the description accompanying the article.

Then I came across 3 or 4 websites made to perfection and I spent a long time there ....
and in this case are the following:

Website of German domain, but of Chinese origin, payments accepted Visa, Mastercard, Bank Transfer to a current account (German bank) of unknown origin at the time.
Apply 15% on all products ....! The current Italian laws prohibit the sale of powerful lasers
sold in whole or in part without batteries, this website should be followed


American domain website created with the Google Site Creator, different from the previous one, as it DOES NOT SELL complete laser pointers, therefore FORBIDDEN by the current Italian laws, very well cared for, the articles are placed by sectors and not scattered in bulk. Excellent having written the pros and cons and above all the risks that are taken by NON experts in the sector ... well done
But in any case the fact remains that they are sold loose pieces, but still able to build a laser pointer, Payment methods accepted Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover Network, American Express. The shipped goods could be subjected to a customs lock at random, and further inspection on our part (finance guard) or customs inspectors, in the worst case scenario if we were to be doubts or perplexities on our part or customs or inspectors, we proceed to the confiscation of the goods and storage at customs, until clarification resolved, or in the worst cases immediate sequestration, fine to the seller and the buyer with pecuniary penalties according to the weight, the article etc ... and the immediate destruction of the goods.


Chinese / American domain website, it's not clear!
This too sells complete laser pointers (I don't remember well if WITH or without BATTERIES)
Payment methods accepted N.D. Or not visible from site! Generally speaking, he speaks of those that are THEIR warranties and reimbursements in the event of damaged, defective, non-functioning goods, no safety rules are mentioned as in the previous one or notices.
They claim to send the goods to "PIECES" in such a way as NOT to arouse suspicion of any customs controls or on our part ... wrong move ... we have the power to block even the famous express couriers (you want DHL, UPS, GLS, EMS , etc ...) we have blocked goods sent using this trick, especially now with the terrorism alarm, we had very strict orders (of the tolerance series 0) otherwise we are denounced and tried for non-fulfillment of our duty, collusion, complicity in exporting dangerous goods!


To top it off, dulcis in fundo…. A very rich and well-placed American website
Also this website specifies all the necessary news, offers a fight to the members of LPF is an old friend of yours? Specify well the NOT being able to accept Paypal as payment of complete laser pointers, E 'well done .... However but eventually in case of doubts or random checks is punishable ...!


In conclusion, the laser is part of an expensive, dangerous "hobby" category, which can cause serious problems with customs with the aforementioned consequences, there is the risk of not receiving what you have purchased.

I'm talking about Italy alone with our laws, now I don't know your laws!
Paypal has been limiting expenses for some time, has blocked payments for these complete lasers, carries out checks without prior notice to accounts that it considers to have a movement or anomalous transactions or large amounts and cross-checks with us (finance guard) and the Bank In Italy the headquarters located in Rome, all this to crush tax evasion, usury, money laundering etc. etc ...

P.S. By right of privacy, I have not entered the sensitive data of the 4 sites just mentioned.

I hope this little and above all private investigation will be helpful and useful!

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