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"True Laser Saber" - Model 70W


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Dec 22, 2022
Hello to anyone interested in NUBM35 portable laser.
Wanted to share some information that might be useful regarding this topic.

I manage to build a sexy looking version of NUBM35 portable laser inspired in the design of StyroPyro and with the BIG help of Giannis_TDM. Big thanks to both of them! You can see the end result here:

If you are interested in more information, you can download the FULL step by step instructions on how to make it yourself here:
https://truelasersaber.com/ - Just click of the "GET FREE" button and download the PDF.

The design features stable dual driver made of LM338s. One circuit for 5% power or 1.5W (positioning on target beam) and another 100% power or 70W. The drivers are controlled by momentary buttons connected to MOSFETs. There is also a general switch to turn on the device, as well as thermometer and voltmeter. All the power is supplied by 125C peak power Turnigy 4S+5S lipo batteries connected in series. The charging is done by opening the lid and charghin the LiPo batteries with regular LiPo charger.

The heatsink has 105cm3 of aluminum which means that the temperature increase at a rate of 1,2 C for every second.
This equals to 10s on / 20s off duty cycle . This way the temperature is kept under 40 degrees C.
Runtime is also limited- between 3 and 5 minutes on max power (depending on how low you want to run the batteries)

Of cause this is not great, but IMO having a 70W sexy pocket BEAST with all the features you need (thermometer, voltmeter 5% and 100% modes, general switch, etc...) far exceeds the inconveniences. Finally, I built this almost an year ago and so far runs flawlessly after 35-40 charges.

I hope this information can help anyone that is trying to build something similar. Feel free to ask, if you have any question.


If you are interested in purchasing the aluminum 6082 host or the assembled version, please feel free to do it here:
https://truelasersaber.com - (BTC and Credit/Debit cards accepted)

The total price for the Host is 195$ and you will have to spend another 260$ for the rest of the components (Nubm35, batteries, etc...) which I believe is very competitive price for 70W "laser pointer"

The price for the assembled and tested version as of now is 395$ (only without batteries and Laser diode, since there Is no way this stuff can cross borders fully assembled). You will jus have to spend an additional 230$ for those two components and attach them which should take you around and hour of work. This process is well described step by step in the instructions too.


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Dec 22, 2022
BTW guys, I would greatly appreciate if someone could suggest what can be improved about this design.
Would you like more watts (overclocking the nubm35), more battery life, beam expanders?
Any suggestion is welcome.
Thank you in advance
Jul 10, 2015
I expect most people here have already worked with, tested and/or built devices with these arrays and I expect for the most part found them lacking in true laser ability, I mean a laser ideally should have a tight divergence limited TEM00 Gaussian beam capable of doing the same work at 10 meters as at 10 inches or at least be easily focusable to do so......These arrays are really limited which is why I suggested a beam expander to bring something more to your package, also you need more heatsink IMO

You could add more heat sink and a beam expander will get you out to 5 meters, I have done it, but really why not knife edge half a dozen nubb13's in a new build ? You can get 24 diodes into a 4 bar footprint with 6 of them.

Really these arrays are so limited by the aggressive fast axis divergence of each beam, I would rather have these with 3W ( NDB7875 ) diodes with half the power but half the fast axis divergence or better yet ( 1.75W ( overdriven ) GH04W10A2GC ) diodes in your own knife edge array, each diode with a long FL lens such as a G8

Anyway these are just my thoughts, you did a great job on a cool looking build and some people may be interested in using your design, but all the new is pretty much worn off these arrays already and overall interest in this hobby is but a fraction of what it once was or so it seems.