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Thieving Maltese Barstewards


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May 15, 2010
Well I sent a laser to my brother in Malta, a ~120mW 650nm in a Guidsman Host

I sent it 2 weeks ago and it's still not arrived :( I sent a fathers day card 3 days later and that has arrived.

There was no Identifying marks on the package, except for fragile stickers
I bent the pins back on the battery holder encase anyone tried to use it
and sent it without batteries.

The only assumption is that Maltese post have pinched it !! It is insured up to $35 but the laser was $45 they wanted another $10 for recorded delivery
but it still probably would of gone missing and I would of been insured up to $200
but would of had to prove how much the laser was !!

*EDIT* It finnaly arrived, not sure why it took longer than the card i sent 3 days later ???
Looks like I'l be making a claim if it doesn't arrive in the next 10 days
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