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Jun 22, 2012
If someone's done this, please let me know.

Rather than a bunch of hosts, I'm intending to build a single large host that will serve as a test platform. The idea is to put a single large disc (e.g. 4-5" diam., 1-2" deep) of aluminum up front, and sink into that several cavities for 12mm modules. Well, sink into the disk a number of finned aluminum heatsinks and into those go the modules. That way, the set screws are accessible up top / front.

This way I can place say 5 modules in one host and swap them out as new tech becomes available or my desires change.

Below / behind would be a large body of some form, I'm thinking a standard lantern body with a carry handle.

As for power supply, in the body would be contained separate 3.7v and 7.4v LiPo battery packs - different modules require generally one of these 2 voltages. Build in charge ports for easy recharging.

I could build into the rear or side of the lantern case a fan and drill through the disk several holes to aid in drawing cool air through the disk.

Principle concern: interaction between the diode bodies and the power supplies. Has anyone compiled a list of diodes and their case connections? It looks like most of the recent diodes have floating cases, i.e. not connected to + or -.

Thoughts? Problems you foresee? TIA.


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