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Suggestions for a power meter?


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Sep 20, 2008
Is this for all the Ophir 20C heads or just the older ones? Seems like you could change the OP Amps out for higher rated ones if the ones used are limited to only 15.8 VDC. That seems to be even lower than Ophir claims for them. Did you find this in testing them or was this the rating for the OP Amps you found used in the heads you have now?
That +/-15.8VDC is the max output swing with a +/-18VDC
power input.
All the 20C heads I've had in the shop in the past years have
had the same +/-18VDC Max Voltage specification OpAmps
on the PCBs. Back then I found it strange that 20Watts max
output was being quoted.

I remember that Kenom blew a few OPHIR heads when he
was screwing around with them. Perhaps he injected +/-24VDC
in to the head since it is a standard DC-DC inverter voltage.

Changing the selected (by OPHIR) OPAmps could possibly
alter the Head's specs and calibration. Someone would have
to do some mods and see what would happen to the speed
and calibrations of said head.
I won't be playing with a functioning calibrated $300 head.