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Some machining and greenie shots


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Oct 25, 2010
I had a piece of 2.5" X 8" aluminum round stock around.. and it was just sitting there for a while already doing nothing. I figure I would have to put it to some use over the past little while, and this is more or less what is done with it:

Lets make a beamdump!

finished turning it:


and coated:

Its okay.. but I was hoping for a bit less escaped light.. gotta work on it.
6 second exposure:

Some shots without the dump, 6 second exposure:

Last thing is, I am working on a new host for a build (Which I have yet to deside exactly what I will be putting in it... ~2W 445? or a 400mw> 532? we will see).

This what ive got so far, just still working on the head of it. I still need to make the handle and everything, which will be made for the 32650 battery. the head is 2.5" in diameter at the widest.
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