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Some help for a newb with his parts list and its compatibility?


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May 20, 2019
So im very new to working with small electronics and i was hoping i could get some help with figuring out which parts to use to make a roughly 5.5 volt laser.... ive been looking around at parts and im a little lost as to what exactly i need...
In these pictures i have the options im using selected : 2x 9v batteries rechargable, the NUBM08 4.75 watt diode, the module which comes with the driver plate and a g8 lens. (Which i read is the best for cutting) and the board. This board im unsure if it can take a 9v input, as i want to use a basic rechargable 9v battery with just the wires going from the holder to the positive and negative on the board, and then from the board to the laser module (i feel like im missing a step ?). Im not entirely sure how to adjust the flow of power through the board, but i think its on a screw on the top of it which i need to adjust till the diode is at its brightest. As for assembling this, ill be using a large flashlight body. This is my first laser assembly and one of my first small electronics. For safety ill pick up the "Eagle Pair® 190-540nm OD5 Standard Laser Safety Goggles" from survivallasers due to the high quality and ability to handle high power lasers Ive heard about. Im unsure of where to mount the heat sink- is it just glued onto the bottom of this board with arctic silver thermal paste? I could really use any and all wisdom yall dont mind passing down because guides online on this are all just tutorials on building someones specific laser/ i cant seem tp find any on here for super new guys lol. Thanks and sorry for the wall of text ! :)

(Attached is the parts list im looking at)




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Apr 28, 2015
I don't think those 9 volt battery's will work. They will most likely sag to nothing under load, plus GTL's aren't the best batterys and the 900mah rating is false.. Best to get 2 18650's and and they have the same case holders for them.
The Black buck 8 is a big driver, are you sure it fits in the shelf of the 25mm module?

I don't know why you need to go through ebay but DTR has a store site and you might save some money and he also gives a wealth of info.
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