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Silver hosts close to finished


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Oct 23, 2009
Hello again all. I realize I've been gone for a few months, with no updates on the main project I have been working on laser related. However I thought I would let people know, my goal of offering sterling silver hosts is close to a reality. I'm still tweaking some designs to make them more appealing. I've got a single silver host for sale in the sell/buy/trade forums at the moment. Mostly to help finance finishing a more standardized host. (it's one I was making for myself, however I am choosing instead to sell it)

Info about the hosts I am working on. The easiest for me to do are hosts for 10440 batteries. I can make a host that holds one or two quite easily by comparison. I plan on offering tail click hosts to hold one first. And offering extension pieces to allow for a second battery if so desired. These are the ones closest to completion. I realize the limited capacity of 10440s will limit interest. However, due to ease of the design its the first you can expect. The designs will be similar to the host I am selling, only without the wide and more elaborate front end.

I am also working on a host that takes a 18650. For obvious reasons this is a much more desirable host, however it's also more complicated to get a smooth cast with the silver. I have a lot of the work already done on a single also one of a kind host for an 18650, but I'm still trying to tweak the switch and the threads on the back. In all likelyhood I will be unable to sell an 18650 host for less then $350 or so. They will most certainly take up enough room in the casting flasks to prevent me from casting several at the same time. Also there is a lot more work in trying to cleanup castings from one. Getting a smooth metal flow in the mold to stop turbulence is a serious issue on one due to the thick front heatsink. However, it will also weigh the most, and absorb/dissipate the most heat.

I've put off working on a 14500 host for now, but I might look into that later.

Anyways, that is where I am at for now on my project of making some sterling silver hosts for sale. :D


EDIT: I realize a lot of this info was added in the FS thread post for the single host, however I wanted to go a little more in depth and felt the post there was already running on as it was. Also I figured this thread might survive longer, and allow for more feedback on things from people. So my apologies first that this is something of a double post on some of the info. :D
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