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Shared remote laser painting Raspberry PI robot

Dec 30, 2009

From time to time (except when I sleep) I share an online robot where you can draw / remote-paint with a laser on a photoluminescent panel.

Direct access to the robot : https://www.vigibot.com/?robot=IMX219
Drag'n'drop on the video and use [Up] or arrow/key to fire red or blue singlemode lasers

This "laser head only" robot is a robot without wheels where you can fire lasers on a limited area (the aluminium photoluminescent pannel), there is more fun robot on the website:) https://www.vigibot.com is a free website (no ads, Non-Profit Organizations Law of 1901) you can use/make and share universal Raspberry PI robots.

A Raspberry PI (+ a PI camera and a 4G USB modem or wifi) can be used as a "model aircraft" receiver (but *with* FPV video downlink) to drive any PWM servomotors / H-bridge / leds and more...

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