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Searching IP cameras recording/viewing software


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May 26, 2009
As the title say ..... no matter if freeware or shareware (except programs that require you to pay 500$ for the program, and 75$ for each "camera license", ofcourse ..... i'm searching a program, not an armed hand robbery :p), i can pay reasonable registration fees, but only for a WORKING program.

Basically, i need a program for view 6 to 8 cameras (actually 6) directly connected on a PC via a local network repeater (not internet), and with the possibility to use any brand of network cameras / IP cameras (so, based only on the IP and name/pw of the cameras, no need to send them any special command, cause the cameras are presetted with their own utilities) ..... but perhaps that all the programs i've found around have failed, both the "freeware" than the shareware / demos of so-called "professional" programs ..... i've tried remote survey, eyeline, camerarecorder, blueiris, campermanent, securitymonitor, go1984, securityzone, viewcommander, luxriot and nuuo nvr ..... plus some other "freeware" ones, that was operating only one cam, just for try ..... all of them failed ..... most of the times, they work only with brand-specific cameras, so they don't see my IP-cameras, and also when they see the camera, they are unable to turn it on, or to get the signal, and none is displayed ..... and, in a pair of cases, they work only with internet cameras, not in local.

The only one that i found that was working (half working), was a little program called "IPCmonitor", that was able to see half of my cameras (not all) and show me them on the PC screen, but not to record the videos :(.

Basically, that what i need is:

a program that can manage at least 6 network cameras (IP-cameras), independently from their brand, getting the video from them and showing me the videos in a multiple window screen (like, as example, the standard configuration where you have one camera in a big window, and the other 5 cameras in smaller windows placed in "L" shape around two of the borders of the big window, or in small windows at one side) ..... with the possibility to swap the cameras double-clicking on the small windows or using buttons, this don't care ..... with the possibility to record all the cameras on the same PC that is used IN LOCAL for the visualization, with a decent quality (in AVI format, or whatever is possible, considering that all the cameras are 640x480 standard resolution) ..... and, optionally, with the possibility to send one of the cameras on a second monitor in fullscreen (like, using a notebook, having a second screen hooked on it, with one of the cameras on the second screen in fullscreen)

That what i DON'T need at all:

web streaming, web servers, web-based systems, FTP transfer, any internet connection or protocol implemented, remote access, remote control, mobile phone accessibility, and so on (saying this, cause all the programs i've found publicizes all these crappy functions as the main "features" of their programs ..... but when you don't need them, all this is just resource-eating junk, in a program) ..... the program is needed for direct-acted operations in local from an operator for all the time, where there is no internet at all.

Does anyone know any program with these functions, or at least with the functions that i need, that is not one of the ones listed, already tried and not working ? ..... also a video surveillance program, if it have the features that i need ..... and, as already said, not necessarily freeware, i don't care to pay some money (usually as shareware prices are around 20 to 40$, if i recall correctly, maybe also 60), but only for a WORKING program.

Any possible solution or indication is appreciated, thanks.