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Sanwu Spiker


New member
Feb 7, 2016
Received my Sanwu Spiker laser yesterday was pleasantly surprised at how good it was finished,man this thing is solid you sure know it when you are holding it in your hand.
All the other things previous members have said about it are all true, burning power? i have put a cardboard carton at 20ft and in a few seconds it burned a hole through it.

One of my hobbies is pyrography and i was using the Thor 2 laser which burns
OK but slow, and the batteries die in about 10 minutes. Tried the Spiker and this burns fast, almost to fast for pyrography and it burns deep no weak lines which you have to pass over to make them stand out when using the Thor and battery life? can finish a drawing and have plenty of power in reserve.
Customer service? i had a minor problem which was my fault and communications with Francis from Podo soon sorted it out ( Thank Francis you made my day in solving the problem) i can honestly say if you want a good well built laser buy one from Sanwu you will never regret it.

Cheers Tassie