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Safety goggles recommendation


New member
May 18, 2021
Hi all! I recently bought 2 pair of goggles off amazon, but learned trough another thread I opened that they're basically useless for my purpose, so I'm refunding them. I already own a green laser which I assume is in the 80~200mW range and just now bought another blue one claiming to be 2 watts, both were purchased on ebay. The green laser isn't nearly enough powerful to blind me instantly by just the reflection alone, but the blue one definitely is. Since I don't wanna fry my eyeballs, can you guys recommend a good pair of goggles that filter out both green and blue light? (I'd like to buy 2 pairs since I plan to use this laser with a friend, but I know good eye protection is expensive so I'll settle for one now and wait to save up some more and buy another pair later on). My budget is around 70$ (including shipping to EU, if possible). Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I also have around 35$ of funds as Amazon gift cards so if a good laser goggles pair can be found there then my budget goes up to ~100$