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RGB Phat light With Dmx 512 controller


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Feb 21, 2012
First off this little guy packs a punch and it has a 12v 80mm fan inside Upgrade! and The phatlights are driven by 3x sst-90 6.5A 22mm high quality drivers that are 5 mode not a big problem
However they are connected to the 5-24v rgb dmx 512 controller via Common Positive leaving the negative output in control of everything
And it consists of 3- 8xAA Battery holders each having rechargeable batteries in them consisting of a single pack capacity of 18,400ma at 12V and a total capacity of 55,200ma!!! At 36v which is converted using a 12-50DC to 1.25-12V@3A DC14192288829281726559166.jpg Through three switches connected to each battery pack.1419228967318-608971707.jpg
And the Fun switch explains itself..
When the fun switch is activated the controller will act as follows
1 red
2 green
3 blue
4 yellow
5 Purple
6 Cyan
7 White
8 seven color jumpy change which with the 5 modes it ....would be more like 28+ color jumpy change
9 seven color fade just same as before it gets crazy
This thing is a portable led light show

And there is more to come!!!

I would like to thank DTR for the LEDs three red pt54's over time and then a blue pt-54! I used the two other red's sinks for the blue and the green led I got from Mouser which I thank aswell idk if I can put that on here

Update 12-23-14
Going to transfer the whole module into a bigger box
Have to make room for the xlr module

Update: I have transfered everything
Into the new box and cut almost perfect holes for all the spots I needed I Have addded an XLR/DMX I/O
And I forget to snap pics Along the way for all the drilling and cutting But there is the finished product going to have to update some photos

Due to me also adding the extra port for 5-24V input if the batteries die from prolonged use
Along with a switch for safety

1-9-15 holidays had me busy as well as other things
So I had to wait for a USB to dmx converter cable to use the light with a software known as freestyler I had used the fixture creator to address the dmx channels to control them and give the fixture a name so I can find it in the software which is Epic I say. The software lets me control each color and create new ones and create sequences of mixing, strobing, fading and jumping the controller is only fed 12V with my converter in which I realize that the each of the PT-54 LED's runs 2.6-3.2V For Red 4.9-5.9V Green and 3.9-5.2V On Blue so that would be 11.4V-14.3V

I will need to find a converter for this to run all LEDs at full power not just two! Due to the 12 input output
That should need about 15V to get them all on full power at the same time

Before I added the dmx controller and all the other goodies it was just rgb PT-54 boxlight that Produced maximal light with each color having 5 modes three independent battery packs set to there own switches to the High quality drivers that were independently connected.

I would also like to add the battery life has lasted longer than 9 hours timed run time without shutting off
And that the charger charges them in about 5-8 hours depending on set current.

If I knew how to put more pics on here I would sorry no picture update!
Edit Short video of program using American DJ Operator dmx controller and it is set to fixture 3. . .
PT-54 RGB Homemade Boxlight Dmx in action
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