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RGB Design Ideas

Anthony P

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Oct 7, 2018
I am at the brainstorming stage of a home-built RGB with total max output of 3-5 watts. I am very open to suggestions on diode choices and drivers.

The diodes I have in mind, for now, are Blue PLT450B, Green NDG7475, and Red Ushio HL63283. The red seems to be the most difficult to choose as it seems there is not much available in the 1 watt+ range. This combined with the fact that RGBs require a high red ratio.

Driver is the biggest concern at this time. Physical size is not a concern as this will be lab type unit. The Black Buck 8M from DTR seems ALMOST ideally suited. It can supply plenty of power and has modulation built in. My question with this driver is: can it be throttled down to about .3 or .5 A? Spec sheet states 1-8A.
I am not opposed to scratch building drivers if I can find the right circuit. Maybe LM317 with 2955 transistor?

I just completed RGB holokid project and will post soon. Just waiting for knobs/dials so it will look pretty for photos.

As I said, brainstorming stage. Any input would be appreciated.