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Review: Z-Bolt RF-532B Laser PowerPoint Remote


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Sep 4, 2009
Review of the Z-Bolt RF-532B Green Laser PowerPoint Remote

Product link: Z-Bolt® RF-532B Wireless Green Laser Remote - USB Transmitter, Mouse - Page Function Controls

The RF-532B is designed to control a PowerPoint presentation and the computer's mouse. My first impression of the unit is that the build quality is sub-par with the buttons a bit sticky. The remote felt particularly cheap, and the RF unit which plugs into the computer's USB port was flimsy and rattled. The RF-532B does have a green laser inside running between 1.0-3.0 mw.
I plugged the unit into my computer and had repeated problems with the buttons sticking and the RF would drop out intermittently, forcing me to re-sync the transmitter. I knew in short order that I could not rely on the RF-532B when conducting business presentations.

I arranged to send it back to Z-Bolt within the return period and my money was promptly refunded. While the RF-532B is definitely not ready for "prime time", Z-Bolt provided excellent customer service.

2.4 GHz RF remote control of computer mouse and MS PowerPoint.
1 GB RAM onboard the RF transmitter to hold presentations, etc.
532nm green laser pointer integrated into remote.
Multi-function buttons on the remote.

Unreliable performance. RF kept dropping out forcing resynchronization.
Remote buttons would stick, causing commands to be missed.
Unit is of poor build quality.
Price of $89.00 is too expensive for a unit of such poor quality.

Avoid the RF-532B and its variants (available under other trade names). If you need a dependable presentation remote then buy a Keyspan Presentation Pro.