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Review - Xtar H3 Warboy


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Sep 14, 2010

Xtar H3 Warboy L2 U3 = Product Page ...

Lets get straight to performance :

On TURBO my light box gave me 1070 to 1100 Lumens

HIGH was 470L


And LOW returned 90L

Moon mode is so low my light box wont read it ..

Current Measurement :

Ok , this is simply what I was able to measure

TURBO was about 2.3A

HIGH was 0.95A

and MEDIUM 0.54A

with LOW giving 0.22A

Moon mode = To low to measure ...

H3 Warboy :

It is certainly a well made light , everything one would expect from Xtar. I simply cant find fault with the build quality .

Modes run Low , Med , High , TURBO .. ( With mode memory )

And to access Moon mode simply double click with the light on in any mode ..

To turn the light on just click once , to change modes click and hold , the light will cycle through the modes except for moon mode ( Remember , double click in any mode to access )

Now this is a 90deg light , and is designed to be used with a headband .

The headband is fully adjustable , and whilst Im not sure how big my head is , I did have to extend the head band as far as it would go . Which was actually very comfortable once opened as far as it would go . Do people have larger heads than me ? Yeah they do , so perhaps a slightly larger head band could be the way to go ( Perhaps an option to consider )

Back to the H3 , the on of / mode button is on top , battery goes in from the bottom , and its actually quite a small light for a 18650 as well as being rather light weight . Which is all good considering many will strap this light to their foreheads . And ever since receiving this light , I cant help but feel that it might make for an excellent bike light as well . A nice small trim figure 8 style handlebar mount for the H3 .

Back to the here and now :

Which ever way you look at the H3 , its a well made ( high quality ) trim and light weight light that puts out . ( Lumens that is )

Im really looking forward to it getting dark :

Beamshots !