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Review of ledshoppe.com laser spiro


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Apr 23, 2009
Well Ive acquired a number of laser parts some people here might be interested in learning about so hear it goes.

I bought 2 of these spiros http://www.ledshoppe.com/Product/ledp/LP3033.htm from ledshoppe.com which by the way is on of the best online shops ive ever used, great return policy and buyer seller communication.

So I have no way of measuring output however i compared one of them to my red loc set at 421ma and it was equally bright. so im guessing 32mw of 532nm.
The second wasn't as bright probably 21mw, def a noticeable difference. Not bad considering its rated at 10mw. I opened up both units and found the die is housed in a brass module with a cheap black plastic optical assembly. The heat sinking seams to be effective as ive left the unit on until the batteries were depleted without anything failing.

The unit comes with a diffraction grating on the front aperture which needs to be removed before the laser is usable imho, but after that it makes a great pointer slash spiro show.
Personally Ive found if you set the unit on top of a sub or low frequency sound source the spring with the mirror attached to it (which btw is the spiro mechanism) makes some really cool patterns not to mention it goes to the beat of whatever song your listening to.

All in all im hooked and am planning to buy more.

ill try to upload some pics or vids when i have some more time.