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Review my new LPM,cheap and not bad

trinh hong phuoc

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May 12, 2017
Hi everyone,i received a LPM on aliexxpress,it is 250$ included shipping,it is listed is 10mw-50W powermeter
A package has 2 adappter,a sensor,a heatsink link on sensor , a display board and a USB wire to connect with Computer
here and some pictures
I would evaluate the quality over time, but overall, I am very satisfied with it, a good price to measure over 20W


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Jan 29, 2014
Great, how closely does it compare to your other small LPM? Maybe you don't have a second one, but I thought I saw you posting measurements before. That won't indicate which one is more accurate, of course.


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Jul 10, 2015
Nice............You must be planning something big, maybe combine/bundle many beams ? 🎆


Nov 11, 2014
Sorry to rewake this old fellow of an LPM review, but sadly not much "review" as the title claims over the above post.. more like "see here is a picture of a Chinese LPM, and I'm not turning it on and won't share any info on how it performs"
So I will try to dig a little deeper and hopefully, the thread-starter will get back after now 1½ year of usecase, or maybe he flipped the actual "review" to another thread.
If anybody else is familiar with an actual review of this unit, please share.. the search phrase "Fieldbest LPM" or "Fieldbest Laser meter" doesn't ring much of a bell on other LPF threads.

Got a few questions. and the maker or sellers, don't know jack "it is usually let me talk with the engineer and I will get back to you" that translates to something like "don't hold your breath, it ain't gonna happen.. just buy it and roll the dice"
But putting like 185USD into "something" is still a lot of money. (50W unit)

1* is the display on the 50W unit..simply locked to 10mW increments? (fx a 56mW laser will show 0.06W?? and if that is the case as some spec could indicate' are that 10mW interval also the case with PC software or do you have a lover segmented interval here. (#can you change the scaling, most of the picture on the 50W unit shows 100W range and makes me wonder if the display module is the same or you can adjust the range-scaling and perhaps get better interval accuracy' when fx needed on lower wattage diodes.

2" Is the Fieldbest display unit identical across the 4 model ranges. (10uW-0.200mW head), (0.1-2000mW head), (10-50.000mW head), (10-100.000mW)head) so you in theory could have one module with multiple heads. (the maker did not reply yet, but one of the sellers stated they were not, identical and the display modules were not the same internally componentwise, but then again he also has a sale-motive and it ain't in his interest' that I as an end-user are saving money if one could get multiple heads for 1x display unit.

4" Did you test it again well know Laser diodes or other LPMs, and how did it stack up, accuracy-wise.??, particularly on lower wattage as 50W head is quite a lot and got no idea on how it performs in the lower wattage area, and where the maker likely would prefer to sell one of their other units
as far as I can tell there are 4 units in this Fieldbest optical wattage series.
# 10uV to 200mW
# 1mW to 2000mW
# 10mW to 50.000mW
# 10mW to 100.000mW (though could be the 50W unit just piggyback riding a bigger fan and aluchunk and the 50W module are not locked to 50W FW-wise)
so I do miss some insight into the menu & ranges and if you simply cycle the display module according to the head you're using or if the FW is locked from scratch according to the head it is being sold with' as that would make sense, so a 50W/100head like OPs unit is locked with a 100W range' and that is why you can't get any lower interval then 10mW as it reads in 0.00W span' and vice versa on the lower wattage units to keep it somewhat linear with the head the FW matches..

10uW to 200mW head module
10uW to 200mW combined heads.jpg

0.1mW to 2000mW head module
0.1mW to 2000mW head.jpg

10mW to 50W head module
10mW to 50W head.jpg

10mW to 100W head module
10mW to 100W head module.jpg

PC LPM software
Fieldbest LPM PC.jpg
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