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May 24, 2012
Hello everyone! This is my formal reintroduction to the forums. Some of you may remember me from a few years back. I was at a big changing point in my life and had no time for lasers so I sold off my stock and took a break. Now that I'm situated in my new house and my new job, I'll be able to make room for my hobbies again! :evil:

It seems that a lot has changed in my absence so I'll do my best to catch back up. First of all, holy crap, it seems that direct green diodes are cheaper and easier to come by than when I was last around so I'll have to definitely get in on that. And a 445nm diode capable of ~5W?!?!? That scares my eyeballs and excites the inner laser enthusiast in me.

I'll keep this short and sweet considering it seems I have a lot of reading to do. To whom it may concern, I'll be restocking on my internal lens springs among several other goodies as soon as I can.

If anyone has any other new info I've missed it would be greatly appreciated in a PM or comment!

Glad to be back :beer: