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Red and green lasers Being used on road

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Aug 21, 2019
Hello so well the place is not very far away from my home due to well some u can say celebration some people are using red and green lasers ( Shop keepers ) On like road its quite higher from the ground yes it wont hit in the eye if u are just walking or driving a car but a truck driver i saw the beam being blocked by his truck both red and green so they are like bright from 20 to 30 ft but from 100 ft due to divergence beam is not really bright so is it dangerous?As far as i know there are not alot of laws for lasers in my country should i approach them and stop them?Because honestly i am just 21 they may just think i am joking that they are even dangerous for the eyes can they actually cause accident like flash blindness etc?They are really bright but still looks like around 5 or 30 mw maybe?Would like some insight on that should i do something?its gonna stay there for like 3-4 days at minimum what should i do?I know ill avoid the road though i wont through there again and ill be careful but most people are just like trying to touch the lasers especially some kids were trying that what if they look in the beam from some distance?is it harmful?Can those beams cause flash blindness or at worst case scenario an accident?Just asking or should i just not talk to them let them use it?even though i wont be going through that road till they stop using it.Yes cars usually can go through they wont get hit by beam but trucks and vehicles that are large they can and they actually did not the driver actually though but it could hit him like not everyone can be lucky and just go through the beams without them hitting in there eyes maybe someone unlucky will get hit.

Not open for further replies.