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Recent News & Question About Aircraft Distance

Sep 21, 2011
With the horizon being about 3 miles away, I find 10-12 miles to be a bit difficult to argue that they intentionally hit the aircraft. I didn't do the trigonometry to determine how high the aircraft would have to be to actually hit it 12 miles away.

Hmm well maybe after a bit of "research" How Far Away is That Contrail? - Contrail Science » Contrail Science Yeah I guess it's quite possible, albeit likely difficult.

Horizon is more like 25 miles away....but I get your point.

Also - accidently hitting an Aircraft is still a crime in most cases.

The 10 mile safety zone around an Airport is for any laser with 5 microwatts per sq. centimeter but that is just in the air not striking the Aircraft with the Laser Beam.

Also...I think if they see the beam the laser user will probably be legally screwed despite the fact that after about 2 miles a 5mw green laser should not be a distraction unless a direct strike I assume.

FAA seems to think a 5mw green laser at more than 2 miles away will not be a distraction ....less than 5 microwatts per sq millimeter.

BUT this does not apply if there is a direct strike on an Aircraft OR a Pilot is "flashed"
through the windshield so kind of ambiguous.
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Sep 21, 2011
I still cannot recall anyone getting in trouble purely for star pointing. Seems like they're always doing 'something' more than that.
Well I always look at 'worst case' - so
IF someone even makes a call...or a Pilot SEES a beam in the distance [ which will NOT happen with a true 5 mw - I get that ]
and he reports it...
Someone is in trouble.

I also am within the 10 mile limit of an Airport - BUT the 'Safety Zone' which is a 10 Mile Radius APPEARS to allow 5 micro watts per millimeter of Laser Light within that Zone....I am going to link it.

Obviously - a beam that hits or goes near Any Plane or Helicopter or Car where they get Flashed or even SEE the Beam and the User is screwed but again CAREFUL use of a well collimated 5mw SHOULD be

I wish you could get a licence for one so there would be less chance of an over reaction/ exaggeration Report....

I am going to check further because I will not risk breaking any Laws.

I really like that a 5mw beam will be invisible from the sides [ except the Dot]
and Z Bolt has a Blue Diode 5 mw with a visible beam but about 1/3 to 1/2 as visible according to 1 Review.

I have also asked Max at Lazerer about some different Colors in true 5mw 18650 or 16340 Hosts and see how much each color would be...

AND allow a higher power version for some buyers who are interested.

The Sky Blues at 473 and diodes in Sky Blue would be cool to have IMO ...