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rare diodes with special green/blue wavelength


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Oct 3, 2018
Hello Guys,

i still have some left, so i will offer them here.
The diode in question is a NDHA210APAE1 a rare discontinued 25mW max rated single mode typ:473nm diode.
I do have already build a pointer with one, and i must say: its quite bright for 25mW. The beam is quite small and low divergence. The color is obviously quite unique.

I do have multiple diodes and all are wavelength, current and angle measured by the manufacturer. If you buy a diode you can choose your wavelength. The spread is quite high which is also nice. I still have 478nm and 470nm for example. If you are interested, drop me a PM and i will give you all available wavelengths.
Here is a picture of 470nm vs 478nm:

My phone camera shows these wavelengths a little to blue so not how the true color would look. 470nm is more sky blue to my eyes. However 478nm is also a little lighter color than in the picture. The difference is almost right. Depends on your monitor however.

I am planing to sell one diode at 225€, if you want two, i will give you a discount and make that 400€ for both. Drop me a PM if interested.
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Feb 4, 2010
Giving you a bump - Will be grabbing one of the low wavelength diodes since I have a few already between 473 and 480nm. These are probably too expensive for most, but if anyone is on the fence I highly recommend a high wl diode, that electric blue color is awesome.