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Quick review: PL-E Mini 445nm 2W


Jun 5, 2019
I am relatively new to the laser hobby, and I just got this PL-E Mini from Jet Lasers a few days ago. This thing is a beast! My other laser is a "5 mW" green laser (301 type), and it's impressive for what it is, but this PL-E is a whole new level (y)(y)

Build quality is outstanding. It's got some heft to it without being overly large or heavy, and it just feels very solid. The switches and buttons all feel great. Focus ring maybe turns a little too easily (maybe it can be adjusted?), but no biggie.

Burning power is great. While my low-powered laser struggles a bit to light matches, this one will light one up quickly, and will also just cut right through the wooden match stick. It lights candles, cuts electrical tape, burns right through paper...pretty much everything you'd expect. Focusing the beam to a small dot kind of reminds me of playing with a magnifying glass in the sun as a kid, but this is the adult version :cool:

The beam is slightly visible in a sunlit room, but in the dark, it's amazing. Aimed into the night sky, it looks like a 1000-ft-long light saber. Freaking cool.

Here's a few photos, and a quick video I put together. I can't really complain about anything with this laser. Service from Jet Laser was great, and this thing just puts a big smile on my face. Highly recommended. I can only imagine what the higher-powered version is like.




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Sep 20, 2013
I have an MS-Envy with a new, unharvested M140 diode driven at 1.8 amps with an X-Drive that does 2.2 watts. It will light paper on fire and smokes wood quite easily. I haven't used it in quite awhile as I built it 4 or 5 years ago. Too many lasers, so little time. :LOL: