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Question regarding lasers on an airplane.


New member
Jun 7, 2007
Brodi said:
I try to keep all my valuables/laptop/expensive things in my carry on bag (obviously). Everything else that I am taking is just work clothes and boots, stuff that my company would reimburse me for if the bag were to get lost. Like I said, I went through this before. I lost work clothes (which was reimbursed by my company) and my PDA (which was could not be reimbursed obviously, but luckily I bought a warrenty on it and got a replacement, all I had to do was show proof that my luggage was lost).

Actually, now that I brought up that PDA, mabey Wicked Lasers would replace my laser if it were to get lost????? OFF TO CUSTOMER SUPPORT!
just an off topic question, what PDA do you own?
i would be FURIOUS if i lost my Pocket PC Phone. apparently AT&T doesnt warranty Pocket PC's, even tho mine broke once for no reason, the inside of the screen just cracked.

I would wanna take my laser to my friend's in california but it doesnt seem safe trying to take it by plane.