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ArcticMyst Security by Avery

Pics 14/6 - 505nm + 525nm + 450nm

Oct 18, 2014
Yes...I knew it was GITD material. I have used this in a previous build. I was just thinking....What COULD take the place of GITD....Have more luminosity, more visual impact, and how to have a geometry that would accept a continuous helix / wrap of Electroluminescent wire.
Such a wire could be powered by the same battery source that drives the LD.

I am sure some would say...." EEeeech….How tacky, how ugly " yes, well maybe....OR...It might look like something right outa " Buck Rogers " and retro cool ???? Dunno ??

I have NO idea how to machine a helix groove, maybe 2mm deep, 4mm separation..???

One thing though....I have NOT seen this done yet....just an artistic splash, NO functionality....but....could be pleasing ?????

dear, i have this idea too longtime ago, you think like same me ! :D ,and i will update this product at shortest time i can! the gitd will auto bright together source driver the LD ;)