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NUBMO8 for projector


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May 14, 2011
Hey Encap

If you want to know what I'm capable of, I should tell you I'm a professional and experience mechanical engineer, and I think I have a right not to reveal my project and purpose. I just asked your help, if you don't want to help me, just don't try to stop me, I'll do what I want and I will find the best way. I know all the thing you know about heating and danger of the lasers and wavelength and so on, just wanted to find the easiest way to drive the lasers since I'm not very good at electronics, I'm not noob at electronics but it's not my profession. So what I want from this forum, is to help me not to tell me if I can do what I want or not. I'm thankful that some people make me aware of the outcome of what I'm going to do but believe me I know what I'm doing.
I think it's good for everyone if I do what I want and share my experience for what you don't even dare to think about.

"share my experience for what you don't even dare to think about." ?
What a pant load. Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you :crackup:

You don't want to answer any questions or to make it possible for anyone to help you then fine. Nobody has to babysit and spoon feed answers about a mystery device and use that probably can't happen the way you imagine it can in your imagination based upon your seeming lack of knowledge about laser diodes and related optics and electronics technologies either.

If you are well heeled enough to buy the diode parts and fabricate or have fabricated whatever else is needed then you can also afford to hire a qualified electronic engineer with knowledge of laser diodes and drivers.
If not then for free perhaps ask a company that makes and supplies laser diode drivers if they have or can make and supply what you need.
Better yet ask the *ichia people, if they will give you the time of day. They designed and manufactured the NUBM08 LD banks for the specific projector use.
Maybe have a look here about drivers for DIYers starters: https://www.teamwavelength.com/info/laserdiodedrivers.php
and https://www.teamwavelength.com/default.php

2 + 2 still equals 4 and nothing with nothing is still nothing. Nothing you have posted adds up or rings true but good luck chasing whatever it is you are chasing. At least we have established the miracle 405nm projector with 4 banks of 32 405nm diodes can't happen simply due to physical space requirements for the diode banks alone in the projector that uses 4 X NUBM08 diode banks--that is something I guess.

Be careful not to blind yourself making or using your toy. Study up on laser safety and goggles.

Sure, you have the right not to tell us about your project, and we have a right to withhold any and all information until we can be sure you're not doing something that could harm yourself or others.

I don't imagine you are restricted by an NDA or some such? If your project was on that level you'd be able to hire an electronics engineer to do the work for you.

You know what you're doing? We should just take your word on that? We don't know you, we don't know what equipment you have, how much experience you have or your intended application.

You can't give us answers? Fine, we can't give you answers.

Exactly. Well said.
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Aug 21, 2017
Thanks for your help Encap by the way.
If you guys thinks it's that hard to find or make a driver, I'll definitely hire an electronic engineer, I thought maybe I can handle it myself without spending extra money.
I'll share my experience with you soon.
Besides I would have a lot of 450 nm n1ch1@ diodes if I can replace them:yh: