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Noob Qs: Reke-1000B-SD + Other Things


New member
Jul 20, 2022
I'm working on an art school project and remembered that one of the galleries I work for had a couple of working lasers stashed away in their A/V storage, which they were willing to lend me. After bringing home the ones from the gallery, I ascertained that they are make/model Reke-1000B-SD.
Having no previous experience with lasers shows, I have a few questions that I'm hoping to get an answer to; they are:

1) Does anyone have one of these units, and can you offer me any advice?​

2a) From what I can gather, I can add my own animation to an SD card that has preloaded software to run this machine. Unfortunately, the units no longer had the SD cards in them. Does the SD card software need to be specifically from Reke or is there another software I can run?​

2b) If you have one of these units, would you be willing to share your SD card's disk image with me so I can create a copy to run the unit I have.​

3) I'm running OS X, can anyone suggest any software (opensource, freeware or something with a decent demo or educational version) that would allow me to create my own animation.​

It's also probably worth noting that I'm in Australia, just in case anyone was gonna suggest stores or solutions that don't apply to my part of the world.

Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to respond.

Best 🤟