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Newport 1918-C LPM (no head)


Jun 1, 2021
I'm selling one of my Newport 1918-C laser power meters. Works, but it comes WITHOUT a detector since i still need that and without a NiCd battery pack (since that is dead).

It definitely works with Newports 818 and 918 series of detectors and maybe with Gentec heads since they use exactly the same DB-15 connector, as well as parts and pinouts. Haven't been able to verify that though since the EEPROM in my Gentec head is toast.

Comes with a US NEMA power plug, but the power pack has a C7 socket so you can just swap the cable.

I'll ship it in its original plastic case, but one of the latches on the case is missing.

Again, it DOES NOT come with a detector (the pic where one is connected is just to demonstrate that it works), but you can find quite a few fitting detectors on ebay. Also, afaik MKS/Newport still sells adapters that enable you to connect a third party head with a BNC adapter to it.

400€, item is located in germany so i'd prefer to sell it to somewhere in europe due to shipping.


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