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Sep 15, 2022
Hello Friends of the Laser Community, My name is Hunter and as many of you are aware of styropyro, I have been inspired to create my own handheld laser. I had a wicked lasers arctic 1w awhile back and enjoyed it greatly but cannon seem to locate it anywhere. So as a result I am going to be building my own Handheld, I look at this as a very advanced lego set with no clear instructions. I have currently ordered, A NUBM06 4-5W 445nm Diode, two housing modules to fit the diode, one with a hollow back and one with a closed backing. I have also ordered an Astral Superdrive V constant current driver board. I should be able to manage a proper heat sink for the diode fitted into the handheld. I am curious as to members solutions for a heat sink for the Driver Board. I also would like any recommendations for properly fitting two 18650 Li batteries into the Host. My plan is to use a Host module I already have from a previous ebay purchase, its nothing fancy but could potentially do the job before I purchase a proper Host fitting for $70. I am told you need to purge the driver board before attaching diode as it could result in destroying the Diode, I assume this is true. If anyone here has any tips for beginners or experience to share that would be a help, I would be in much favor, I could have bought a strong handheld outright for a couple hundred dollars and still might, however to me I wanted to challenge myself to build one with the current monkey brain I have. Youtube has been a huge help and I appreciate all of the wisdom in this forum, Cheers!


Jan 31, 2020
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