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new wish style pointer differences



i recently got a kaidomain 50mw for $35 https://www.kaidomain.com/WEBUI/ProductDetail.aspx?TranID=1363 . it had no problem popping black balloons. not set anything on fire with it though. kaidomain says the item is now discontinued an links it to a cheaper 50mw https://www.kaidomain.com/WEBUI/ProductDetail.aspx?TranID=2179  but states the beam is not as focused as the one for a couple of dollars more, also dealextreme now has a new 50mw for $26 http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.2390 and states it's not a new wish laser.

the laser i got from kaidomain is not a new wish laser as when put side by side with my new wish 30mw (true 30mw from dx) the size differs slighly in length, the instructions also differ as does the case it comes in, also the tip of the laser slightly differs. i may post pics at some point

i also orderd and recieved another dx true 30mw. the laser differs to my original 30mw, the instructions does not state it's a new wish laser, as my first laser did, but they do differ from the kaidomain 50mw instructions. and the case is the same as the one i got from kaidomain for $35.  but my new dx30 is brighter than both the original 30mw from dx and the kaidomain 50mw. i'll try pop  with it later.

anyone else bought multiple lasers and noticed any differences with the packaging and design?

edit: my new 30mw pops