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New user, intro and question re legality


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Aug 21, 2009
all the laser components i've bought from non US vendors has been intentionally mislabeled on the customs forms.

I suppose the thing would be .... we know people in the UK have got hold of S3 Arctics. They're from a large company, so how did they get past customs?

Were they sent in discreet packaging, and sneaked through by not including any batteries?

Did Wicked lie about what was in the box and claim it was just a torch?

Or did they tell the truth? Maybe customs just don't like laser diodes when they don't really know where they've come from? Perhaps if the company lists their full address etc and customs write/phone and everything checks out, maybe they get allowed in?

But until we can find a UK owner who has an Arctic, we won't know, and even then, it's still not definite proof. Could just be a one off fluke.