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New Cases at Wicked Lasers finally out

Dec 26, 2006
"Dear Customers,

Come join our celebration! Our new laser casings have arrived and to celebrate, we are offering enormous discounts on the Spyder II Series and the newly redesigned lasers.

Visit www.wickedlasers.com now to see what Wicked Lasers has in store for you. Most importantly, use the promotion codes below and save!

For orders above $100, enter "wicked100"and SAVE 10% off your purchases.

For orders above $400, enter "wicked400" and SAVE 15% off your purchases.

For all questions and comments, please contact support@wickedlasers.com. Offer Ends January 31, 2007.

We have a lot in store for 2007 and would like to start by offering our valued customers an unbeatable discount on our new products.

This newsletter will update you not only on promotions; there will also be creative experiments, laser knowledge, and testimonials on how others are using their lasers. So stay tuned.

Best regards,


I got this in the email today. I dunno how to do the fancy quote thingys so i just put the email in quotes :-/

im tempted to get a pulsar but i heard they have the same problems as the green... need external lens for burning.
from what I understand, the external lens is to concentrate the dot like when you burn things with a magnifying glass and the sun

but the new pulsars have a divergence of 0.2mRad - 0.5mRad
isnt that plenty concentrated?



I had the same email too. As for the pulsars they've always needed an external lens to burn but the balloon popping range is far greater, ie mine will pop balloons at 40+ feet i must add that my pulsar is the first model 100mw version and i've been told it's a well collminated freak laser.