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New 515nm and 532nm comparison photos

Jul 9, 2015
You did a great job with those pics. +REP
When I look at them with my phone the 532nm doesn't look like the green I expect to see but it's always hard when there's another color in the mix as a lot of times both will look not quite right next to each other. You can see the yellow in the 532nm and the blue tint in the 515nm though. You can also see how the color changes the closer the beams are. Background colors can play a huge part in all of it too. I like the color difference with the crystal individual pics that says Spalding even though the others may look more interesting with all the beams.
Thanks! I also prefer the crystal photos on the cooler lid for being the best representation of the color difference. When I view all of the photos on my laptop screen, where I edited them, they look to me the way I wanted them from what my camera was able to capture. But when I view them on my phone they look fairly different. But the crystals still stay the best representations. This was my first time photographing these 2 wavelengths together so I was really winging it on how to try and compare them yet still have a nice looking photo. :beer:
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