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New 200mW - anyone with LPM?


New member
Sep 17, 2011
Ive been following the forum and down the rabbit hole of lasers for the last few weeks in my free time. I ordered a 532nm 200mW from Wicked Lasers... I should have looked up some feedback on them first! Well, I received my order on time, about 3 weeks. I got the laser as well as the Torch 4100 lumen light which is pretty sweet I guess...For the boat over on the island....ok its a toy. 5 minutes power isnt going to do you much, and it gets HOTTT! Anyways, Im in Vancouver BC, and wondering if there is anyone local who would be willing to test out my 532 on their LPM. I used to deal with China and hate being ripped off, so just want to make sure I got what I paid for as I am unable to tell the difference myself. If anyone is willing or able let me know and we can connect! Much appreciated and thanks to everyone for this forum, its an awesome resource. Will sure be expanding a laser collection and look forward to learning more!