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Need help with several ?`s i have abot my laser.


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Jul 20, 2019
First how can i figure out what brand or maker my laser pointer is. It is a slinder cyclinder shape made of copper or brass its a nice shiney gold color with a green laser diode in it one more thing it uses two 3a batteries.
Secondly about a month ago it was lighting up just fine with a strong green beam and im guessing because of the repetative pushing of the on button has made it ware and now hardly any beam will beam out. I took the batteries out and looked down into the cyclinder to see if anything had loosened or if the diode has shifted but as far as i could tell everything is still in place. Now is there a special tool needed in order to remove the diode out of the cyclinder from where the batteries enter from the back? I would really appreciate any feed back on this because i truly like this laser pointer a lot its very sleak looking and bright abd strong when working correctly.


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Sep 20, 2013
Most of those are 532nm DPSS lasers, not direct diode greens. They can be had in different host types quite inexpensively, so it is rarely worth the effort to try to repair one. The tactile switches on them are not made well and can fail, but that doesn't mean that is what happened to yours. If you have replaced the batteries with the same result I would just buy another one.