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Need help identify this laser module


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Sep 20, 2013
I was think about the same before, then i contacted them and they told me, i have to send the printer in for service because they not selling parts separate. They reasoning that this "isn't user replaceable part"
BTW Service fee 900euro + tax and it takes about 4 weeks. funny part is that in there service policy its saying the following

"Formlabs may use new, used, or reconditioned parts of equivalent or superior specifications in the repair of your machine. In some cases, and at its sole discretion, Formlabs may opt to replace a product with a new or refurbished product of equivalent or superior specifications. "

so basically after the service fee collected there is a chance i end up with a used module.
im pretty sure the diode itself not more then $100 worst case. As i checked online similar diodes around $20 or so.

closes i could find online for a ready module is this, but kind of risky specially when seller not even respond to my PM
also this order would take 30 business days with fastest shipping :)

this module compatible with form1 also, thats why has integrated PD inside of the diode.
form2 model not using PD. (you can see it on my pictures only 2 legs connected on PCB)
These diodes are considerably less than $100 each. You could get someone here to make you a module with diode, driver and leads for less than $100. If you are using this for engraving or printing the power density of the beam is more important than any other single characteristic of this module. Usually the greatest expense of these engravers is the hardware and software that move the laser around and turn it off and on. It sounds like you are getting screwed by paying far too much for the least expensive part of the assembly.