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Need help finding dichroic mirrors with limited budget


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Dec 3, 2020
Hello, I hope I don´t post in the wrong place as I´m new here, but I´m planning on building a RGB Laser by combining 445nm, 520nm and 638nm. 445 nm should be preferrably in the end because it has the biggest housing (tunable Output up to 2,5W and has Driver on the housing with active fan cooling). I don´t want to spend too much money (max 100 euros) on it and already have 445nm and 638nm (max 700 mW). So I still need 520nm but was planning on buying it from techhood on ebay. I saw that dichroic mirrors can be very expensive so I appreciate every help I can get to find two mirrors, that can let 445nm through and reflect 520nm or 638nm. If there isn´t another option, I´ll probably stop the project or spend the extra money on it depending on the end cost. If any of you have suggestions for making the project cheaper, more effective, etc. I´d be very happy if you could share them :)

P.S.: I´m not a native english speaker and in my teens, so I´m sorry for bad english

Anthony P

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Oct 7, 2018
I got lucky with an e-bay used set, but it has been some time ago. Thor labs sells them, but I don't know price.