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N465 diode?


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Jan 1, 2016
A while ago, when this diode(N465)(Nichia? )came out, it was thought to be the next thing beyond the NUBM07E in laser hobbyist terms. I followed all the threads and the exhaustive research about how the high powered blue open canned diodes don't like life that much and eventually die a premature death. It was determined that humidity and some other theories about heat expanding and contracting beyond threads and pulling in dust, humidity, and leading to oxidation etc into the exposed working parts.. Okay, that makes sense. That's just the price and risk that comes with that set up.. Now we have the relatively new N465 diode which is supposedly like the 07E, but has a proper can on it. Ok, so fast forward a little and then we recently discover(according to those who have researched it) that the N465 is merely a NUBM07E but with another can retrofitted onto it.. Which may or may not solve any of the problems that are associated with removing factory cans from diodes after harvesting.

So my curiosity is, has anyone done any tests of longevity on the N456 diodes and determined any improvement in life span over the 07E? And did anyone determine if there was any back fill procedure done on these diodes?

trinh hong phuoc

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May 12, 2017
I have not tried N465(nubm07), but I tried N4509(nubm08),
They work very well, providing a capacity like the original nubm08s ,but one problem to consider is this new diode's hat ,You shouldn't let the diode get hot or vibrate, because the hats are not as sturdy as the ndb7a75 or nubm44 ,current suggestion is 3,5A,higher will make them drown over time
you also can use nubm07 and use 2lens g7-g2 or gball-g7,you can get 4,5w at 3,5a without pair lens and 3.7w with pair lens.Prices for nubm07 is 60$ now (same ndb7675 or n465 DTR) with divergence better than NUBM08

some bit information,hope they are useful to you