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Apr 1, 2013
Haven't been on in a while life kind of takes over sometimes but LASERs have been at the forefront.This is my builds and what I've acquired to date.In the top of the case the pens are RGB 5mW,the larger ones on the bottom are a cree flashlight host(my first build)100mW red,a ebay green with star cap(don't know power) and a violet(don't know power).Plus I've built about a 140mW(don't know it was a 16x burner) red into a nerf pistol,that was my first attempt at a driver board and it work the first time.Then the other pistol was a anemometer repurposed with a 100mW red.Last but not least is my PHASER(the box) with a 250mW red,this one burns up to about 2 feet and the record for popping a balloon is 12 feet!Any way hope you enjoy I sure enjoyed the build process...hope I posted in the right place.The PHASER has a heat sink and is fan cooled,that was kinda tricky.