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My Purchase From mhemling33

Aug 3, 2012
On Tuesday, August 27 I saw a post by mhemling33 that was a review of his CNI PGL-RG 655/532 200mw and that he was going to sell it. It took 2 PM's to finalize the cost and details that same day. When I inquired about the battery type, he offered to send me a 18650 at no extra cost. Later that day I paypal'd him the funds and that night he sent the USPS Priority (2 days) tracking # (and photo of the shipping label). He told me he would mail it out Wednesday which he did. I received the package on Friday August 30. All I was expecting was the laser, battery and the CNI instructions, etc. To my surprise he also sent me a thick 2" x 3" approx. concave lens and another glass lens. He also sent a thin mylar diffraction grating and also 2 different small vials of ultraviolet dyes (which I used in my photography today (8/31- check out the multimedia section under "pics 8/31). If anyone has seen my photography on this forum, these are all things I have a definite use for and will use. In fact now I am going to purchase a "Glow" kit since I got such nice results using the dyes. I was actually more excited about all of the extra stuff than the laser! I have purchased many lasers through the forum but none were as smooth as this one. The laser itself works exactly as advertised. Mhemling33 certainly went above and beyond. Thanks again!! +1


Oct 27, 2011
Superb stuff, Marc definitely a great person although we exchanged pm's a few times but he's an awesome person to deal with..

Awesome purchase :beer: Anxiously waiting for some more killer photography with this laser!
Oct 19, 2012
Thanks guys I appreciate the kind words. I remember seeing one of bruce's threads of pictures in the fog and he was using a diffraction grating. That was the whole reason I bought a sheet of that stuff because of how amazing his pictures look.

I look forward to enjoying more of your pictures and take good care of the PGL-RG ;)