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My Monster 6+ watt Laser Build Has Started !


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Jul 10, 2015
Something I really liked even though having the BE to zoom in with is a better setup overall, but having a nice fixed focus beam is also fun.

When I first started using the 6X cyl pairs with a 44 and G2 I would set my G2 focus at 15 feet and set the 6X pair to about the same and I would get a fixed focus beam that ran negative until about 7 feet then it would get back to where it started at about 14 feet and slowly expand from there, this gave me a beam that looked good at infinity and burned well from point blank to about 30 feet and smoked cardboard to 60 feet.

Just turn it on and use it at 0-30 feet was fun, that's what a laser should be in my minds eye, but in reality we want more in some cases, still it's not a bad set up.

This heat sink is huge but allows extended runtime, I am thinking of a compact with a corrected radical axis beam for popping balloons and whatnot.



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