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My homebrew SLR microscope


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Aug 10, 2010
Hey guys

So I was just messing around with some of my Nikor SLR lenses, and discovered a longer focal length peering through a reversed lower focal length resulted in high magnification.

I decided to see what 400mm peering through 17mm would do.

The result was wonderful. Extreme magnification that I thought could rival a microscope. So I decided to repeat the experiment everyone does in high school. I cut up an onion and peeled away some skin, although I didnt dye it. I placed it on the lens of the flashlight, played around with the positioning, and voila!

I couldnt believe it. So I tried paper towel.

And then finally I wanted to see if blood cells could be viewed, so I worked at my gums a bit with some floss and hard brushing.. then smeared it on the flashlight lens. Gross right?

I thought it was all pretty cool. It can be done with any two lenses, but to get microscopic magnification, you need a really long and really short lens. The best part is, it costs only 27 times as much as a competent microscope.
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