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My first laser pictures

What do you think of the pics?

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New member
Jan 30, 2009
Thank you everyone :)
@ Random:
You are more than welcome to use it as your desktop background, if you PM me your e-mail I can send you the full picture. Not that I expect anyone would want to, but please don't distribute these photos for profit or post them elsewhere claiming they are yours. Other than that you can use them for whatever private use you have.

@ rpaloalto
Thanks, I am having a lot of fun here with all my different hobbies, and lasers are definately one of the best.
Our AC outlets are for two simply round pins or for a three pin connection with grounding. The two-pin plugs are quite nice as they don't take up as much space at those from other countries with all sorts of odd pins and square holders.

EDIT: Looks like there won't be new pictures until I find my card reader or camera connection cable.. damn this messy room.
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